Aveo Group & Mulpha Norwest



  • Client: Aveo Group & Mulpha Norwest
  • Size: 10 Storeys, 60,000 m2
  • Architect: Jackson Teece
  • Engineer: TTW, PTL Structural Consultants
  • Timber supplier and fabricators: Binderholz
  • Construction: Strongbuild
  • Opened: June 2018

This monumental project is a testament to innovative construction practices. It stands as one of the largest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures globally, with a budget of 70 million Australian Dollars and approximately 4,000 m³ of CLT.

This 10-story marvel comprises multi-unit residential dwellings across nine CLT levels, ground-floor retail spaces, a spacious two-floor conference center, and a convenient basement parking facility extending to the concrete podium level.

What’s truly remarkable is that despite tight time constraints, the choice of CLT enabled the project to be completed a remarkable 13 weeks ahead of schedule compared to an equivalent concrete structure. This accomplishment not only showcases the versatility of CLT but also underscores the efficiency and forward-thinking approach of the project team.

Aveo</br>Norwest Image
Aveo</br>Norwest Image
Aveo</br>Norwest Image
Aveo</br>Norwest Image
Aveo</br>Norwest Image


  • 2018 ATDA Sustainability - Winner