Stress Laminated
Timber Bridges

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  • Client: Various clients
  • These bridge structures are: Low cost, Environmentally Friendly, Easily Built, Long Lasting, Relocatable

Stress-laminated timber bridges have gained global recognition for their sustainable, robust, and cost-effective qualities. These innovative structures can span impressive distances, exceeding 20 meters and beyond. The use of timber not only imparts durability but also keeps the bridge lightweight, optimizing its strength-to-weight ratio and minimizing its overall depth.

What sets stress-laminated bridges apart is their versatility. They are not only portable and prefabricated but also remarkably easy to maintain. These qualities make them suitable for various applications, ranging from cutting-edge pedestrian bridges with architectural flair to heavily trafficked highway bridges. Stress-laminating technology can even be applied to retrofit existing structures, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness.

In New Zealand, PTL stands as a leading authority in the field, specializing in the creation of top-quality stress-laminated timber bridges. Their exclusive use of this technology in New Zealand sets them apart. PTL’s designs offer lightweight, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions, making them the ideal choice for addressing your bridging needs.

Stress Laminated</br>Timber Bridges Image
Stress Laminated</br>Timber Bridges Image