Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, USA


  • Client: Oregon State University
  • Size: 3 Storeys, 7400 m2
  • Architect: Michael Green Architecture
  • Engineer: Equilibrium, PTL Structural Consultants
  • Timber supplier and fabricators: DR Johnston, Structure Craft
  • Construction: Andersen Construction

The new 7400 m2 Peavy Hall is a classroom and office building which will act as the nerve centre of the college of Forestry at Oregon State University. With a design that is focused on emerging engineered timber products, the structure is entirely made of engineered timber with Cross Laminated Timber walls using PTL’s Pres-Lam structural system and Glue Laminated and Laminated Veneer Lumber floors.

The building comprises of educational and research facilities that extend beyond forestry to include the entire ecosystem and the industries that engage in it.

Peavy</br>Hall Image
Peavy</br>Hall Image