Medbury School



  • Client: Medbury School
  • Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Size: 2 Stories, 830 m2
  • Opened: July 2019
  • Architect: Sheppard and Rout
  • Engineer: PTL Structural & Fire
  • Construction: Higgs

Set against the backdrop of history, the Foundation Building is a contemporary educational hub that pays its respects to the past. Situated between the cherished Ballantyne House and the tranquil Waimairi Stream, this architectural gem embodies a harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

The design of this remarkable space is a testament to thoughtful efficiency, as it seamlessly integrates open classrooms and versatile breakout rooms. Our journey to create this inviting environment was marked by close collaboration with our dedicated architectural team and the school community, resulting in a space that invites exploration and fosters a deep connection to both heritage and learning. Step inside and experience a place where history and innovation converge to create a unique atmosphere for education.

Foundation</br>building Image
Foundation</br>building Image