University of Canterbury



  • Client: University of Canterbury
  • Location: Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Size: 4 Stories, 2800 m2
  • Opened: October 2019
  • Architect: Jasmax
  • Engineer: BECA, ; PTL Structural & Fire
  • Timber supplier and fabricators: Nelson Pine Industries, Welstruct, Hasslacher, Potius
  • Construction: Dominion Constructors

Explore the innovative Beatrice Tinsley tall timber framing project at the University of Canterbury. This groundbreaking four-story structure, completed in 2019, has reshaped the landscape of multi-story timber-framed construction in New Zealand. It owes its exceptional strength to the use of laminated veneer lumber.

Notably, this project is the pioneer in New Zealand, being the first multi-story building to seamlessly integrate timber moment-frames and cross-braces. Beyond its local significance, it has also gained international recognition globally as one of the tallest all-timber moment frame buildings.

Discover the fascinating fusion of traditional timber with cutting-edge construction technology, all while upholding sustainability values. The Beatrice Tinsley project serves as a testament to architectural innovation and ecological responsibility, offering a glimpse into the future of construction.

Beatrice</br>Tinsley Image
Beatrice</br>Tinsley Image